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Camarc, international designers based in the UK with over 500 craft in-service Worldwide. Camarc specialise in the design of seaworthy high-speed working craft used by Operators including Port & Pilotage Authorities, Government Navies, Coast Guards and Police forces. The designs range from 5m - 70m in length with options on materials and propulsion to offer speed capabilities up to 50 Knots. Specific vessel types include Pilot, Patrol, Rescue, Fire, Crew, Ferry, RIB and all-round Workboats from the proven range.

Camarc work with Owners, Yards and Operators Worldwide to provide a design to best meet the specific project requirements. With over 35 Years in business Camarc are able to offer their technical support, industry experience and independent advice for a successful project outcome.

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