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Camarc Design is based in the UK and is one of Europe's leading small craft design firms specialising in the design of seaworthy high speed working craft ranging from 5m - 70m with speeds up to 45+ Knots. Pilot Boats, Patrol Boats, SAR / Rescue Craft, Ferries, Crew Boats and general Workboats are included within our portfolio of proven designs.


We work with owners, yards and operators worldwide to provide a design to best meet the requirements of the end user and bring our industry experience and independent advice to the table to ensure the process is both efficient and cost effective. We design boats in Aluminium, Steel and Composite materials with both propeller and waterjet propulsion.

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Holyhead Marine continue to build both 13m and 16m GRP Camarc pilot boats for a series of UK operators. Latest deliveries include a 13m to Peel Ports Great Yarmouth, following on from the previous 13m delivered to Stena Line Holyhead. The most recent 16m model delivered was to Forth Ports, featuring a resilient wheelhouse for reduced noise levels and bonded windows for improved all-round visibility. A new contract was also recently awarded for a further 16m to be delivered to PD Tees Port. All of these vessels feature the Popsure fender system (only available on Camarc pilot boats) and Camarc’s double chine hull form with pilot specific deck shape and balanced all-round seakeeping.


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