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Camarc Ltd was formed in 1986 by Alastair R Cameron. Since then the company has established an international reputation for innovative and practical design of working craft and is recognised as one of the leading Small Craft Design firms in Europe.


Working with many of the World's leading Yards within the UK, USA, Holland, France, Canada and the Middle & Far East, Camarc Design craft are the choice of operators who want the best in terms of seakeeping and overall vessel design with a successful proven track record.


The Camarc unique double chine hull gives exceptional performance and seakeeping and is efficient and economic to operate at speed. This design concept is now used in Fast Patrol, Pilot, Crewboat, RIB and SAR craft ranging from 5m to 70m worldwide.


Camarc designs are built in Aluminium, Composite and Steel and can be engineered for high performance in each of these materials with Aluminium and GRP designs reaching speeds of 45+ Knots and Steel vessels with maximum speeds of 25 Knots.


Camarc are also one of the few sources of independent advice on many design aspects including the merits of waterjet and propeller propulsion with about 50% of our designs operating with each system.


Our portfolio of proven designs in service grows larger year on year so check the website for the range and news on current projects and latest launchings.


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