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Camarc offer design services in a number of formats and levels and have worked with clients in a variety of ways on past projects. As a result, our design services can be adapted and tailored to suit particular Project, Owner or Yard requirements.


The two main ways in which we work with clients are outlined below;

Camarc is commissioned by the end user/operator to design a new boat which is tailored to their needs. Camarc then assist the operator in the tendering process to select a suitable yard to build the new design.

Camarc is commissioned by the yard for the design of a new boat. Then end user/operator then has a contract with the yard and we are contracted by the yard for the design.

-General Arrangements




-3d Images

-Tender Support

Preliminary / Concept Design

-Construction Drawings

-Machinery Systems

-Domestic Systems

-Internal & Exterior Arrangements


-Weights & Control


-Drawings for class approvals

Production Design

-Alternate Arrangements



-3d Images

-Tender Support

Sales Support On Future Projects

-Construction Kits and Cutting files

-Assembly information

-Workshop drawings and details

Additional Production Support

We have worked directly for operators and end users including;


Columbia River Bar Pilots, USA

Gosport Ferry Ltd, UK

Loodswezen Dutch Pilots Association, Netherlands

Milford Haven Port Authority, UK

Pacific Pilotage Authority, Vancouver, Canada

Smit Lamnalco, UAE

Sydney Ports, Australia

We work with many leading yards worldwide including;


Holyhead Marine, UK

Kvichak Marine Industries, USA

Ufast, France

Lita Ocean, Singapore

Tehnomont, Croatia

Triangle Shipbuilding, UAE

Sanmar, Turkey

Q-West, NZ







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