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By camarc, Jan 7 2013 11:00AM

Two newly designed 21m Camarc Crewboats have been launched in the Middle East. Built by Grandweld Shipyards these all Aluminium vessels have waterjet propulsion and achieve trials speeds of 30 Knots.

A conventional crewboat layout on this design allows deck space aft for cargo and spacious accommodation and seating forward for 20 passengers.

By camarc, Nov 8 2012 09:00AM

The fleet of Camarc 12m GRP pilot boats in Portugal continue to grow as ENP Peniche deliver two to Madiera ports. The latest in the series follow the conventional UK pilot boat setup with wheelhouse aft and engine room forward. This improves crew comfort and offers enhanced maintenance access in the engine room. See the pilot boat section of the website for more information on the design.

Photos by ENP

By camarc, Aug 9 2012 10:00AM

A rare opportunity to see three sister ships of the successful Camarc RB-M design for different operators side by side ; The US coastguard RB-M, NYPD RBM-C & the Seattle Harbour Police RBM-C, built by Kvichak Marine, Seattle.

By camarc, May 16 2012 10:00AM

The Camarc Design 2012 Newsletter has been uploaded.....

Have a look for Camarc boats recently deliveried and projects currently underway.

The newsletter can also be found in the 'Media' section of the website along with previous year's newsletters.

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