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By camarc, Mar 4 2020 12:31PM

Svitzer have taken delivery of two Camarc pilot boats to operate in the Port of Sohar, Oman. These 17m vessels join a series of pilot vessels built by Besiktas Shipyard. Although in steel construction, speeds of 22+ Knots are achieved with the efficient Camarc hull form. Particular features of this vessel include a resilient wheelhouse for improved noise & vibration and an MOB rescue cradle.

By camarc, Dec 17 2019 12:26PM

A 15m Patrol Vessel with a new and dedicated Camarc river hull design is now in operation on the Yangtze River. Built by Wuhan Zhongjiao, this 15m vessel will be used by the Chinese Government Yangtze Public Security Bureau. The hull design has been optimised for river use with high efficiency and low wake allowing for operational speeds of 30 Knots. As well as patrol duties, the craft also performs a rescue and fire-fighting role on the river.

By camarc, Dec 13 2019 09:22AM

Ocean Pacific Marine have been awarded a contract to build a state-of-the-art 19.9m Pilot Boat for the Pacific Pilotage Authority. This vessel will feature the new Camarc refined double chine hull, providing enhanced efficiency and reduced accelerations & motions for the Operator. A resiliently mounted wheelhouse will also be installed to optimise noise and vibration for Crew comfort.

The heightened hull efficiency in conjunction with a new-to-market Tier III emissions system provides the latest in efficient clean operations for high-speed, long-range diesel pilot boats. Waterjets will be installed to provide the manoeuvrability and protection against damage from log debris, vital to operations in BC. The large section Camarc Popsure fender system will also feature for pilotage boarding impacts. When delivered, the new vessel will join the PPA fleet with 4 existing Camarc vessels.

Find more info about our new refined hull in our latest hull brochure. DOWNLOAD HERE

By camarc, Oct 4 2019 11:05AM

Camarc Design 42m Fisheries Surveillance Patrol vessel on official sea trials last week at Freire Shipyard in Vigo, Spain. This vessel has been built for the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources, Marine Surveillance Department of Kuwait.

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