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By camarc, May 10 2018 04:30PM

Three 15m SAR craft have been delivered to the China Rescue & Salvage Bureau. Built by WSIC in China, the all-aluminium self-righting craft achieve 36 Knots and are fitted with waterjet propulsion, built to enhance Rescue operations, capability and response time.

By camarc, Feb 1 2018 05:19PM

Camarc's 18m design for Centreport has won "Work Boat World - Best Pilot Boat 2017". Built by the team at Q-West of New Zealand, the vessel features a self-righting capability given the rough conditions found in the Cook Strait. A resilient wheelhouse reduces noise levels and the all-around Camarc Popsure fender system protects the structure against impact loads. Waterjet propulsion has been selected by the operators to provide enhanced maneuverability during pilot operations.

By camarc, Jan 8 2018 03:16PM

Camarc has been working with Egyptian engineering company Mapso over the years to provide the Pi series of pilot boats to various Egyptian ports & operators. The series of aluminum pilot boats includes both 14m and 15m models. The Suez Canal Authority are among the operators using these robust & durable boats. A Mapso spokesman stated, “the main reason for this success is that the hull lines provide an excellent compromise between speed, seaworthiness, and ride comfort in all weathers”.

By camarc, Jan 4 2018 12:31PM

Last year Camarc completed an extensive trials programme for Loodswezen looking at potential improvements for their fleet of Camarc pilot vessels. This included full-scale trials of the new refined Camarc hull analyzing speed, fuel efficiency, motions, accelerations & pilot boarding operations. The results yielded significant improvements in efficiency, fuel consumption, and accelerations over an already capable platform. Loodswezen have since commissioned Camarc to design the next series of pilot vessels, featuring the new refined hull.

By camarc, Sep 11 2017 09:35AM

Holyhead Marine have just delivered their first 13m Pilot Boat to Stena Line Ports in Holyhead. The GRP craft will be performing Pilotage duties for Stena’s Fleet in and out of the Port of Holyhead. The vessel will feature the Camarc Popsure fender system and a resilient superstructure to improve noise & comfort. With a max speed of over 27 knots and will be used to transfer up to four pilots and two crew members to and from ships that are entering and leaving the Port.

Nick Colin York, Managing Director of Holyhead Marine Services Ltd commented: “This craft is a welcome addition to Holyhead Marine’s portfolio of composite pilot boats designed by Camarc Design and has extended the existing range to include this smaller and more economic model. In keeping with maritime tradition, the Port Authority has christened the new boat and called it St Columba,”

Source: Stena Line

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