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By camarc, Sep 22 2011 10:00AM

Ufast in Quimper (France) have launched the first in a series of Camarc designed 11m Aluminium Patrol Boats for the Gendarmerie Nationale.

The craft has successfully been built within weight targets and is achieving speeds of 37 Knots with the twin sterndrive installation.

By camarc, Sep 20 2011 10:00AM

At the end of August Harwich Haven Authority took delivery of their second 16m GRP pilot boat designed by Camarc and built by Holyhead Marine in the UK.

The 'Saint Christopher' joined her sister ship 'Saint Brendan' which was also built by Holyhead Marine and has been in service since May 2010.

By camarc, Sep 19 2011 10:00AM

Loodswezen, the Dutch Pilots Association, has comissioned Camarc to design a 21m Steel pilot boat.

This pilot boat will be to full BV Class with an Ice Class notation for the slush ice conditions in which it operates during the winter months.

By camarc, Sep 18 2011 10:00AM

Earlier in the year Alnmaritec completed the build of two 20m patrol boats and one 16m pilot boat for Svitzer Middle East for operations in West Africa.

Both Camarc designed Aluminium boats exceeded contract speeds with the patrol boats achieving in excess of 37 Knots and the pilot boat achieving 27 Knots on trials at Alnmaritec.

Photo by Alnmaritec

By camarc, Sep 17 2011 10:00AM

Four Camarc Alloy pilot boats with the same parent design are currently building or have recently been delivered at separate locations around the world;

1x 16m pilot boat completed by Woody Marine, Australia (pictured right)

1x 16m pilot boat completed by Alnmaritec, UK for Svitzer

1x 16m pilot boat under build at Birdon Marine for Newcastle Port

1x 16m pilot boat under build at Supmar, Brazil

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