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By camarc, Feb 27 2012 09:00AM

An 8m self-righting Fast Launch Craft (FLC) has been designed for DAB Vloot Pilots in Belgium, built by Alnmaritec in the UK.

This FLC has a single point lift for davit launching from a Pilot Station vessel (PSV) to make short transfers of pilots to ships. Propelled by a single Yanmar 6 cylinder engine coupled to a Hamilton HJ 292 jet the FLC achievs speeds of 28 Knots. Complement of 2 crew and 4 pilots.

Photo by Alnmaritec

By camarc, Jan 16 2012 10:00AM

Ufast in Quimper (France) in conjunction with Raidco Marine (France) have built and launched the first 5 craft in a series of Camarc designed 11m Aluminium Patrol Boats for the Gendarmerie Nationale.

The fleet includes a sterndrive version with the remainder of the series having waterjet propulsion achieving speeds in excess of 33 Knots.

Photos by SIRPA Gendarmerie

By camarc, Dec 22 2011 11:00AM

Perlis Marine (Malaysia) have delivered a fleet of 6 Camarc designed 20m SAR boats to the MMEA (Malaysia).

The SAR craft are self-righting (see the self-righting test in the video section of the website) and capable of speeds up to 34 Knots with waterjet propulsion. The structure for these craft are Lloyd's approved.

By camarc, Dec 21 2011 10:00AM

Ozata-Sefine (Turkey) have delivered a fleet of 4 Camarc designed 22m SAR boats to the KEGM (Turkey).

The SAR craft are self-righting (see the self-righting test in the video section of the website) and can operate at speeds of 25 Knots. These craft are BV approved and feature CPP propulsion along with significant towing facilities for their SAR role along the Turkish coast and in the Black sea.

By camarc, Dec 20 2011 10:00AM

Alnmaritec (UK) have delivered a Camarc designed 15m Dive Boat to RBG (Aberdeen, UK) for operation in the North Sea.

The design is self-righting and can achieve speeds up to 32 Knots with waterjet propulsion. Davit launched this vessel can carry out Dive, Subsea, light ROV and repair and maintenance work in the harsh North Sea environment.

Photo by Alnmaritec

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