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New Camarc Crewboat Range

By camarc, Mar 26 2015 12:00PM

Featuring a specifically developed hull design to improve both efficiency and comfort over conventional craft in the Crewboat and offshore markets. The design has evolved from Camarc’s well proven double chine hull form with efficient dry running at speed and excellent all-round seakeeping. The new design was optimised and tank tested in the UK to present a refined shape forward to improve efficiencies and reduce vertical accelerations to lead on to improved fuel economy and comfort. The notable vertical stem, which is above water only, allows both the waterline length to be maximised for efficiency and a fine deep-V entry to be incorporated for reduced accelerations. Although the shape forward has been refined the hull form within the water maintains the features known on Camarc hulls with their proven seakeeping capability.

The new Camarc Crewboat range includes designs from 24m to 45m with speeds to 30+ Knots, dependent on customer specifications and options. Two 45m Aluminium Crewboats from this range are currently building in Dubai, due for delivery at the end of 2015.

View our Crewboat Brochure here and see Crewboat section of our website for datasheets on each of the designs which can be adapted to meet Operator requirements.

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